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Sanshou is a developed martial art originally for the Chinese Armed Forces, based in the intense study of some traditional methods combined with the advance of the sports of combat and methodology of training. Currently, the Sanshou (or Chinese Boxe) is practised as a combat sport, being able or not to be lead with security equipment, the competitions follow rules that restrict definitive tactics and techniques of kung-fu traditional for security of the participants. However, the Sanshou continues being a complete martial art, that teaches to hit with arms and legs, to knock down, to grasp and against attacking. In the porting competitions, it is not allowed to the use of elbows and knees, so little submission in ground. In 1997, the first attempts had been carried through to establish the professional Sanshou in the China and the United States, lead in similar way to other forms of combat Kick Boxing, as the Muay Thai.

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